Rumors have been circulating that Microsoft and HTC will be discussing the possibility of installing Windows Phone on their flagship Android device, HTC One. In favor, the software maker will offer a generous discount on license fees or even allow the HTC to use the OS for free.

The partnership goal is to increase the market share of Windows Phone. It should be remembered that a specific agreement between the two companies had allowed the use of the mark in the names of the HTC 8X and 8S models.

Sources contacted by Bloomberg confirmed that Terry Myerson, Vice President, Operating Systems, had asked HTC to load Windows Phone as a “second option” on devices based on the Google’s mobile OS.


The proposal is indeed tantalizing “the caliber of HTC One with dual-boot options.” To make the idea more attractive from an economic standpoint, Microsoft executive would have suggested a cut in license fees or elimination of the cost of the license. At the moment, everything is in preliminary talks, and no final decision is taken.

Myerson has scheduled a visit to Taiwan, where he will meet the HTC leaders. Despite the acquisition of the Nokia devices and services division, Microsoft wants to continue collaboration with its partners.

Additionally, the CEO Steve Ballmer visited China last week and met with some hardware manufacturers to convince them to choose Windows Phone over Android OS. While it’s unclear that the Redmond giant just wants to equip Windows Phone on to existing smartphone or to look a new Windows Phone 8 smartphone inheriting features from HTC One family.


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