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Beware of fake iOS 7 jailbreak tools; Evad3rs needs sometime


When it comes to customization of the smartphone operating system, Android devices get the spotlight. Apple is well-known for building their mobile OS with a very well protected environment that prevents users from taking full control of the system. There are several hacking teams that don’t know how to say “no,” so the new iOS 7 keeps teams like Evad3rs very busy these days.

Evad3rs is the iOS hacking team that created the iOS 6.x evasion jailbreak tool. The group recently revealed that releasing an iOS7 jailbreak might take some time.

Planetbeing, a par of the Evad3rs hacking team, tweeted that the team is working very hard to come up with a jailbreak for the latest iOS version. The team, which also includes other jailbreak developers such as Pimskeks, MuscleNerd, and Pod2G, say that they might have all the pieces for the newest iOS 7 jailbreak tool that will free users from the boundaries of the stock operating system.

For those not familiar with the process, jailbreaking involves going through millions of codes to find a certain vulnerability that can be exploited by the hacking team. It also involves looking for possible weak spots on the hardware that can be manipulated to break the heavily walled OS. Of course, manufacturers like Apple have made it a habit to release patches to eliminate possible vulnerabilities.

Jailbreak tool developers remind everyone eager to customize their devices running on iOS 7 that coming up with a jailbreak tool might take a while. The hacking teams warn the public from using fake jailbreak tools that may just do more harm than good. Last year, there were false claims that the iOS 6 had been cracked but turned out to be just false claims.

Members of Evad3rs are confident and hopeful that they will be able to release an untethered jailbreak for the latest Apple iOS in the future. Planetbeing’s remarks, meanwhile, confirmed that the group begun looking into possible weaknesses of the iOS 7 and exploits within the platform.

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