Mozilla announced on October 9 that Firefox OS 1.1 will be available a few weeks after handsets using its open platform for mobile phones rolled out. The move improves the system’s performance, enhances available features, and bolstering confidence of potential backers of the young OS.

The first version of the Firefox OS was unveiled alongside the first generation of phones that will cater to consumers looking for a feature-packed handset not bearing price of premium smartphones. The FFOS 1.1 fills the void for features sought for by phone owners.

The Mozilla team improved the operating system with MMS support, now allowing users to send videos, pictures, and audio via MMS. Push notification was implemented to keep apps updated and stretch battery life. The home screen was also tweaked to make life easier for users who want to find contents more efficiently using the adaptive app search.

There was a lot of work done to improve contact management. With Firefox OS 1.1, users can easily import contacts from Hotmail, Gmail, and Facebook. There is also now an option for SIM card import. The dialer was also finely tuned to help people find contacts easily. Adding contacts was also enhanced, allowing consumers to add information to the contacts listed on their e-mail, messages, or the call log.


Existing Firefox OS users will be upgraded to the latest version soon.
— Mozilla


[one_half_last]Mozilla also improved app load times and fixed bugs to make scrolling a lot smoother. After downloading the update, users will also be able to save media files from the phone’s browser without any problem. The email feature was also refreshed to make message drafting, sending images, and downloading attachments hassle-free.[/one_half_last]

The newest version of the mobile phone OS also added calendar enhancements, music search functionality, and language support.

In a related statement, Mozilla announced that new smartphones sporting the Firefox OS will soon be released.

“The positive market reception of the first Firefox OS smartphones demonstrates that people like the user experience and openness we’re building with Firefox OS. We continue to enhance Firefox OS to deliver the best experience for the many people around the world buying their first smartphones. We are looking forward to seeing the response to the next round of Firefox OS launches,” said Mozilla CEO Jay Sullivan.