The tablet continues to change how people deal with technology. With the release of the first iPad back in 2010, no one really cared about tablets and apps. According to a recent note by Barclays Equity Research, now that Apple has a new A7 chip for a 64-bit architecture the iPad will have a “bigger” future.

On Tuesday, Barclays announced its theory about the possible 13-inch iPad springing from the new powerful processor of Apple. It is not just about the size but how the new iPad might be pegged as a replacement for laptops. The firm said that this new breed of iPad will cater to business and casual users.

The company speculated that the new model of the tablet will get more RAM than the current line of iPads. It might also come with a cover bearing a keyboard, trackpad, along with a battery pack for extended operation time. The analysts projected that the price for this iPad will be between $600 and $800.


13-inch iPad is more of a laptop replacement then a tablet replacement (weight, cost, battery, etc).


[one_half_last]The convertible tablet is on a collision course with Microsoft’s Surface tablet that was introduced last year. However, the Windows 8 tablet is not performing well in the market, perhaps seen as uninspiring by consumers.[/one_half_last]

“We believe a larger screened iPad would be a much better PC replacement than current tablets, including the Surface, and really be able to take on the higher end tasks and start another wave of notebook cannibalization,” the report of Barclays indicated quoted.

With the jumbo iPad doing the work for laptops, the firm speculates that it marks the closing of the curtain for the Macs especially if consumers will find the ultra-portability of the device extra appealing to perform usual productivity tasks and entertainment on the side.

As rumors abound about laptop alternatives from Apple, South Korean tech giant Samsung is allegedly busy developing bigger Galaxy Notes and Galaxy Tabs that can load up either the Windows Phone OS or the Android platform.