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Google TV to be called Android TV?


Android seems to be everywhere from Android phones to tablets and now Google plans to use the brand and rename the Google TV to Android TV.

The rebranding will put the entertainment package in line with the other products carrying the Android label in a way bidding goodbye to a product that performed below expectations.

The news was first scooped by GigaOm. While Google didn’t confirm the move, and the tech site was able to reach out to a manufacturer of Google TV who said that the product will have a name change to Android TV.

There are also reports that hardware partners of Google TV have stopped using the name and switched to Android TV. Members of the team that developed Google TV now have developer day for Android TV and even changed their online profiles to display Android TV instead of Google TV.

The rebranding of the struggling product that was launched in 2010 is a logical move. The new branding will make it easier for developers to pinpoint opportunities in the television, tablet, and smartphone niches where there are high demands for apps and other software. Now inline with more popular Android devices, consumers might be somehow inclined to spend more time checking out the product.

Google also plans to roll out an updated version of the Android firmware to Google TV that will make it easier for electronics manufacturers to upgrade the product to the Android KitKat that will be released soon. Once this happens, the Android TVs will be easily customizable in terms of apps and services.

Experts also see the success of the $35 TV dongle rolled out in July, the Chromecast as one of the reasons to rebrand. The small device working on the Chrome OS platform can be plugged in by users into the HDMI port of their television, be detected by apps on mobile devices such as YouTube, and allow them to compile or line up content using their mobile devices. Chromecast has been topping sales charts of Amazon and this is indicative that it is selling like hot pancakes.

While the nomenclature isn’t yet confirmed, consumers can expect their homes being more connected using devices running on the Android platform.

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