Following the unveiling of the Nikon D610 and after some of its cameras, binoculars, and research stereo microscopes have been awarded the Good Design Award in Japan, the imaging products manufacturer seem to be on a roll and scheduled another press release on October 17. There can be new Nikon products to be unwrapped.

Nikon D5300

A first hypothesis could relate to the presentation of the Nikon D5300, a new camera which should be characterized by the presence of a 24-megapixel sensor, the EXPEED 4 processor, next-generation system autofocus (AF) to 39 points, integrated Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS support. While this 24MP-camera might be announced in January during the CES tech show as earlier rumored, an earlier reveal can’t be discounted.

Nikon D4X

Nikon fans have heard of rumors earlier this year about the possible release of the sibling of the Nikon D4. The D4X will sport the same body architecture as its older brother. It is expected to have a 36MP image sensor just like the D800. There is some buzz that the unit will feature a new shutter and enhanced video capabilities. The price of the D4X is expected to be a bit higher than the Nikon D4, which has a tag of almost $6,000.

nikon d4x

While the announcement of a D4X is a possibility, the recent D610 release might delay this product. There have also been statements from Nikon that they will try to focus on entry-level units.

Nikon D1000

This new Nikon product may be comparable to the size of the Rebel SL1 from Canon. There were earlier reports that a new entry-level camera will be released before the company closes the fiscal year.


Nikon might introduce a new fisheye lens or the Nikkor AF-S 300 f/4 GVR. These products had been anticipated before by the photography world as Nikon announced plans to launch new products before the end of 2013 that will give the company better profit margins. The press conference next week might also be a venue to update the 1.4 TC-14EII teleconverter.

Anyway, Nikon hasn’t yet provided a confirmation about the upcoming conference. We will keep you up-to-date as we learn more.