Twitter app for Android and Windows Phone has been updated this week. Many of Android apps were developed primarily for smartphones, so the user experience is not optimal on tablets because the user interface is adapted to a larger screen.

Twitter has finally bridged the gap with iOS platform, announcing a version optimized for Android tablets with a two-column layout that allows a better interaction in a horizontal position. Initially, the app is only available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition). Whereas, many changes in the new version of the app for Windows Phone include dark theme that allows users to display text in white on a black background.

Twitter for Android

Twitter for Android tablets is a quite similar app as iPad version. The new landscape mode allows to expand the tweets on the right with a single tap to display photos, videos and previews of the articles. With a second tap, user can see the photos, watch a video or visit the links from the web in full screen.

The new widget to the home screen shows the tweets, images, videos, and local news on certain topics, such as music and sports. By logging in, user will see more personalized content and can send a retweet directly from the widget.

twitter android tablets

Besides, the remaining two features clarify the reason why the app is currently only available on the Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition). Actually, the app uses the multi-screen view that allows users to run another app side by side, such as the browser or music. Now users can also use the Twitter as a virtual canvas to create colorful illustrations to be published on the social network or draw directly on the photos in the gallery with the S Pen of the Galaxy Note 10.1.

In the coming weeks, the app will arrive on the rest of Samsung tablets ahead of all other tablets. The San Francisco Company has given priority to the Korean manufacturer because it has collaborated in the development of new features.

Twitter for Windows Phone

The micro-blogging website has also published a newer version of the app on Windows Phone store. Twitter for Windows Phone 3.0 introduces five interesting news and further enhances the existing functionality.

Users who use their smartphone in the dark will surely appreciate the ability to choose the dark theme while those who don’t want to miss any tweets from their favorite accounts can enable notifications on the lock screen.

The first version of the app allowed the choice of theme, or the colors for the background and text. With the next release, the dark theme was removed, and the user could only see black text on a white background. Twitter for Windows Phone 3.0 restores the old option and makes it more enjoyable to read the messages in the dark with the white text on black background.

twitter 3.0 windows phone

Another new feature is the integration with the lock screen. The user can select his favorite accounts in the settings to see tweets and photos at the top of the lock screen. The app will show random content, user name, date and profile picture.

For quicker access, user can pin the trends or hashtags on the Start screen while the new messages posted on the social network send alert using notifications. In addition, direct messages sync between all devices, so a message read on Windows Phone will be marked as read on Windows too.

The Search and Discover functions have been enhanced to highlight the most relevant content (photos, videos, tweets, trending topics and accounts). Twitter has added support for 13 languages (for a total of 54) to provide the translation of the messages on the timeline through Bing translation service. The app now offers suggestions for friends and other people to follow during the registration process.