The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be unveiled on the 14th of March at a special event which will be held in New York. The Galaxy S4, which will soon take the Galaxy S3’s position as the flagship device of the company, is said to set a new standard for smartphones!

Since a long time, Apple has had a great hold over the market and companies have always tried to make smartphones and tablets that can compete with Apple devices and many a times also designed the devices in order to make them look like Apple devices. The bottom line is Apple is the brand that defines the benchmark for the current generation of smartphones. Apple has always been the standard for comparison whenever a new device was launched. However, all this is going to change in a few days when the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be unveiled!

With the Samsung Galaxy S4, the company will try to start a new eco-system of its own, where other smartphone manufacturers and even people all around the world will start considering the Galaxy S4 as the next-generation smartphone standard. Samsung wants to be the center of attention and also establish a position in the mobile market which many companies dream of.

Samsung does not want to be in a system where its devices are still compared with Apple devices in order to test and evaluate how good the devices are. Samsung has long term plans in which the company wants to use all its innovations including the one in screen technology and the new Tizen operating system and with the help of Intel will try to come up with a system of its own! With the example of the Galaxy S4, Samsung wants to break away from the generation of smartphones that has been defined by Apple.

Even though Samsung has something really big to show off, let’s not forget that according to the latest rumors, Apple is going to launch two new iPhones later this year. Even though Apple may not have been able to wow the mobile market with the iPhone 5, it does not mean that the company has given up. Apple might actually come back with another ground breaking device this time as well and once again become the center of attraction and standard for the next generation smartphones.
Lets wait and watch as Samsung tries to revolutionize the world whereas Apple tries to keep the title that has been given to it.