Yahoo acquired, a social advertising and URL shortening startup that had raised $3.5 million. In simple words, it allows shortening Internet addresses like other services do, so users can more easily share through Twitter or other social networks.

However, the key feature of the platform is the fact that visitors are directed to a page containing advertisements in prior to redirection to the origin. In this way, social media influencers and publishers can generate profits, or exploit the system to collect donations for charity.

“When we launched Bread in 2011, our goal was to help social media influencers, and publishers better monetize their online content. We built the first digital platform that delivered beautiful and engaging advertising across social media, desktop, and mobile devices.” the Bread homepage reads signed the CEO Alan Chan.

“In Yahoo, we found a company that shares our vision. We are thrilled to join Yahoo’s advertising team in Sunnyvale where we will be working on developing next-generation solutions for social and mobile publishers and advertisers,” Alan added.

Starting Friday, the company has suspended the Bread Social and Bread Oven services and will continue to provide support Bread links — created in the past – until November 11. The URL shortener has also advised existing customers to move their links to a similar popular service

Yahoo! is likely to launch a similar system to what is offered to date by Bread. The news came just two days after the launch of the new Mail Inbox, characterized by a deep restyling and increasing the available space up to 1TB.

Since former Google executive, Marissa Mayer joined Yahoo! it has started walking on the evolutionary path whether it’s unveiling of the new logo or acquiring more than 20 startups including Tumblr and flickr.