The most-talked Apple iWatch will be more advance than Galaxy Gear by Samsung launched last month.

Unlike Samsung’s wearable, iWatch wouldn’t be just a smartwatch to match the smartphone, but also automate your home appliances, revealed by Brian White, an analyst at Cantor Fitzgerald, shared in a note to investors.

“Our contact has provided us with some details of iWatch and described this device as more of an extension for the iPhone, a means to allow users to control their home (such as heating, air conditioning, audio, video, and so on) apart from other health-related sensors and fingerprint scanners,” learned from a supplier of Apple.

Apple iWatch will be really smart and useful than Galaxy Gear.

The Cupertino team is reportedly planning a smartwatch called iWatch that will manage electronic devices installed in a house, in addition, to basic functionality. It wouldn’t be “relentlessly inessential” as the analyst defines the Galaxy Gear, rather a watch “really smart and useful,” able to provide something other than a simple extension of a smartphone.

Today, wearable devices have been an ideal companion for your smartphones and are considered as a luxury accessory too. You connect it to your phone via Bluetooth and this greatly affects the autonomy offered by the central device, while Apple could design a different protocol to preserve the power and avoid massive battery drain.

Moreover, the 2-inch touchscreen wearable will most likely have features that will help consumers monitor their health, serving as a heart rate monitor, pedometer, among other biometric functions. The smartwatch could be priced between $149 and $229, and the debut of iWatch in stores is expected sometime in 2014.

Recently, a study was done claiming only 2-4% iPhone users are interested in Apple iWatch, and it indeed would have raised the eyebrows of Cupertino as Samsung’s Galaxy Gear was near a fiasco. Now it will be interesting to see Apple’s strategy — think different — in this regard.