Apple iPhone 5S doesn’t suit pocket folds. Certainly its size is not smaller than any 4 or more inches smartphone diagonally, and possibly a manufacturing defect revealed by some pictures confirm that the aluminum body of the device tends to bend.

A similar problem occurred last year with the iPhone 5, and the new iPhone 5S inherits the same design. Placing iPhone 5S in a trouser pocket, with the movement of the body folds ruins the smartphone irreparably. And, it’s not confirmed yet whether Apple will replace the handset inadvertently destroyed under warranty.

The photographs were published by the French website NoWhereElse and outlined a really embarrassing scenario: A Space Gray iPhone 5S practically became concave after being kept in the back pocket of a pair of jeans. Obviously everything should be taken with the tongs – there is no actual evidence of what has been done with that specimen device. Moreover, the source ensures that the phone is not subjected to trauma.

iphone 5s bent (3)

Factually, aluminum tends to bend when subjected to trauma — as opposed to plastic, which is broken up – and it’s certainly not new. Anyone whose MacBook or iPad has fallen will certainly be familiar with the deformation of the body. However, it’s very different from simply keeping the iPhone in a pocket.

iphone 5s bent (1)

We don’t know really what makes the metal so delicate, perhaps a combination of the heat and the movement of the leg. Whatever be the reason, it’s not normal that a product designed for mobile use can’t bear the normal actions of everyday life, where it is likely that the users put their gadgets in a pocket and purse. Now, all that remains is to wait for an official response from the Cupertino.

After iOS 7 issues, Apple must be worried about iPhone 5S as chances are that it may end up either changing a lot many handsets or may be required to call off batches of the new flagship iPhone.