We have heard about Samsung’s Galaxy Round as news about curved, bendable, and unbreakable smartphone displays hit the tech world.

Just like in a race, no manufacturer wants to be left behind, so LG announced that it would release the G Flex primarily targeting the Galaxy Round of its fellow South Korean gadgets manufacturer.

Leaked image renderings of the LG G Flex are making their rounds on web with a definite focus on the pronounced dip on the futuristic smartphone. While LG has earlier confirmed that the curved screens are in production, sources of the Engadget said that LG plans to release the new device as early as November 2013. People in the know have also confirmed earlier rumors that the LG G Flex will have a 6-inch display.

lg g flex (3)

The specs of the device as well as any hint about the pricing weren’t leaked. Everyone is still wondering and debating about the benefits of having a curved screen on a smartphone.

Based on the images, the G Flex can boast of an original design and isn’t just a knockoff of the competitions. Instead, the upcoming product will have a curve that is totally opposite to that of the Samsung Galaxy Round. LG’s product will show off a vertical curve look while that of Samsung’s has a horizontal bend design.

The battery will be another point of comparison between the two products. The Samsung Galaxy Round will still sport a rectangular battery while LG hinted that it is already producing curved batteries for their newest baby.

lg g flex (2)

Some experts are seeing these curved displays on smartphones as pure marketing hype or innovation gimmickry that won’t add functionality to devices. However, the bendable display has a ton of potential when it comes to wearable technologies and other diverse applications that consumers might see on automotive displays and other gadgets like tablets.

According to research by the IHS Displaybank, the flexible display market has the potential to grow globally into a $1.5 billion industry by 2016 and expand to a $10 billion market by 2019.