Google’s mobile OS, Andriod loaded in one+ billion devices worldwide, has gained popularity in recent years. Its image identification is represented by a green robot, a droid now known to everyone and inevitably associated with smartphones and tablets. But not everyone knows whom the creator is and what the source of inspiration behind it was.

Irina Blok, the logo designer of that green robot that supports billions of devices. “While working for Google I created this little green dude as part of the launch campaign. The idea was to create the open source logo (very much like open source Android platform), that was released to the developer community without regular brand guidelines,” said the designer.

“Not unlike Linux Penguin, the logo helped to establish identity for the new product and generated excitement among engineers. Initially the logo was meant for developer community, but it quickly became consumer facing with millions of people creating their own versions of the logo every day.”

In order to sketch Bugdroid (the name of the logo), Blok took the symbols of universal man and woman that are usually used on the doors of public toilets. An idea was so simple and effective, which led to today’s green driod. However, if we look back in 1990 we might find something interesting. How many of us remember Gauntlet: The Third Encounter a video game developed by Atari.

Let’s take a look at the below video and you will find even the name with dotted eyes, shape and size and antenna are identical to Google’s Android.

All those who have seen Star Wars must be aware of the character R2-D2 droid which resembles with today’s Android.

Whether it’s stolen or inspired, but we will know Irina Blok is the mother of Android logo, which has been in dominance for past few years on smartphone market.