The HTC One Max is out. The big brother of the One has its eyes on the likes of the Galaxy Note 3 of Samsung and the Xperia Z Ultra of Sony. Aside from being bigger and heavier than its sibling what can it offer gadget lovers?

The Taiwanese electronics manufacturer remains loyal to its design language and everything about the handset with a 5.9-inch display screams HTC. Its insides boast of the same elements that made the HTC One a good catch.

Design and Hardware

The HTC One Max measures 164.5 x 82.5 x 10.29 mm and tips the scale at 217 grams. When comparing the original HTC One with the new product, one must be very cautious. While at first glance, they look the same, the looks of One Max might actually have more of the DNA of the less sophisticated One Mini.

The One Max is still wrapped by a metallic chassis, but unlike the One, it has a removable back cover. You might think you will also be able to remove the battery, but you can’t. The removable cover is to give users access to the microSD slot and to the SIM card slots that make it very marketable in other countries. The back cover adds unnecessary seams to the design line of the phone.

The new HTC creation also makes use of a Super LCD screen just like that of the One and the One Mini’s. It is a 5.9-inch display with a 1080p resolution offering crisp images and warm tones.

[one_half]The power button of the newest HTC product is on its side next to the volume rocker. Most consumers might find an extra physical button dedicated for camera operations ideal, but you will be disappointed since HTC didn’t include it in the design.[/one_half]


HTC One Max boasts top specs and a similar sleek design to the One.


The size of the phone can be primarily blamed on the new stereo speakers of the device. The BoomSound speakers will give you a louder sound, but the overall form of the device shouldn’t have been sacrificed.

The phone will be made available in 16GB and 32GB variants with an option to expand storage using a microSD.

Inside you have a Snapdragon 600 CPU in tandem with a 2GB RAM trying to control everything. We wish HTC took an extra step to give the device something better than a quad-core 1.7GHz just like how competitions have equipped their units with Snapdragon 800. In terms of juice, it relies on a 3,300mAh pack sufficient enough for the daily rigors of texting, calling, and surfing.

Fingerprint Scanner

One very noticeable addition to the HTC One Max is a fingerprint scanner. This feature will make it comparable to the iPhone 5S. While we know that biometrics might play a big role in the gadgets of the future, there is something weird with the position of the fingerprint scanner.

HTC designers had a big real estate on this unit, but we are wondering why it has placed the fingerprint scanner directly below the phone’s camera. When a user swipes the scanner, naturally the digit will also swipe on the camera’s lens so don’t wonder why your images are a bit blurred next time you click a photo.


The sensor’s placement seems awkward, and you may struggle to find it.


[one_half_last]The scanner also requires the user to do a vertical swipe that makes things uncomfortable and awkward. The angle of the swipe might also affect its accuracy.[/one_half_last]

On the other hand, it’s not all negatives for the fingerprint scanner of One Max. You can have three fingers to unlock the unit and also set it up to be opened by other users. Users can also assign an app to open when one unlocks the phone via fingerprint scan. So you it makes things easier and faster since you can assign for example, your middle finger to open the camera app while your index finger can open your favorite game app.


The camera is the same as the 4MP Ultrapixels unit found on the HTC One. In fact, you might need to hold the big smartphone steady when shooting pictures since the manufacturer decided to take out the optical image stabilization used on the One. The maker of the handset could have used a better sensor for the unit’s camera considering that it plans to line up with other premium phones from other brands.

It doesn’t have innovative features nor can it shoot 4:3 but the quality of the image good enough when you need them to be. The interface is pretty much like other Android phones, so you have to deal with some clutter.


What the HTC One Max can offer you is great sounds, great display, great battery life, and pretty much the other things HTC One can offer. The latest HTC device has a lot of potentials, yet the manufacturer wasn’t able to capitalize on the opportunities to wow the market.