Apple won’t give verdict on the death of the much-acclaimed Smart Cover, as it emerged few weeks ago. In fact, the company will unveil a new variant to match the upcoming release of iPad 5 design.

Apple iPad 5 to be announced on October 22 will inherit the design of iPad Mini: An anodized aluminum thinner body and even small size bezels. Therefore, the current model of Smart Cover would be too large for the device – recently emerged iPad 5 shell on the web misses the locking magnet bar.

Apple has a few surprises at iPads event in Sans Francisco. The Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian J. White had conversed with Asian manufacturers and companies specializing in enclosures and had affirmed the existence of a new Smart Cover. Well! That’s not all. The Cupertino could also launch a complete new line of iPad accessories.

Indeed, the overhaul in aesthetics gives Apple an “excuse to unveil a new Smart Cover” and to bring a refresh sets of cases. “Essentially, if you own a case for prior versions of the iPad, you will need to buy a new case for the iPad 5,” He said.

No one can actually scoop because it seems obvious that the different dimensions and sizes involve the incompatibility between the cases of previous editions – the very same happened with the transition from the iPad to iPad 2, although the aesthetics differed for very subtle factors.

Meanwhile, the users have expressed negatively on the social networks with respect to the possibility of eliminating such a tool. The Smart Cover – a useful add-on to wake up the device from standby mode and also works as a stand — is indeed the perfect match for the tablet, and the comfort is unmatched, even in comparison to the accessories offered by rivals.