The next Apple event is likely to be rich in new products particularly iPads. Apparently, at October 22 event, Apple will confirm the release date, not only for iPads but also for the new MacBook Pro and Mac Pro on stages in California.

Meanwhile, the dates of the possible availability of tablets and laptops in stores are already emerging. The French site MacG has a good track record to reveal with Apple’s tentative dates; the source has revealed that iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 and MacBook Pro and Mac Pro will be available in stores by mid-November. More precisely, new MacBook Pro will arrive around October 24-25 while Mac Pro is likely to available on November 17th. Besides that, new iPads will be available in store by the end of this month.


It’s a scoop unpredictable too because the dates within Apple’s traditional calendar, in which the arrival of the products in Apple Stores is scheduled about a week after the official event. However, there are some specifications are missing that could move the release in late November, at least for the MacBook Pro and iPads.

As iPad Mini 2 is likely to get an upgrade to Retina display. And, the recent rumors of manufacturing problems could push the arrival of iPad Mini with Retina a few weeks. The same applies to MacBook Pro. It’s not confirmed yet if you can buy both models — the classic and the Retina – by the end of this month.


Interestingly, the planned date of sale for new Mac Pro unveiled at WWDC last summer is expected as immediate as possible after its fall event. These were some early predictions. All in all, the Stages now set for Apple’s innovations, and we will learn more at an invitation-only event on October 22nd in San Francisco.