October 20 is the International Mobile Photography Day and the transcription reads 10/20. Well! There is just the code 1020 (used with the Nokia Lumia 1020) is the best representation of the world of photography for the Nokia world.

The initiative is important because it uses a symbolic day to emphasize the fundamental paradigm shift that the world of photography is going through and bringing 41MP on a smartphone — means putting a high quality snap into the hands of anyone, at any time in order to capture the moments.

The cameraphone has revolutionized the world of photography and our lives so much that it’s estimated that the “fauxtographers” — the new generation of mobile photographers — will snap almost a trillion photos and capture the funniest, touching, intense, dramatic and strange moments as well in 2014.


So, Nokia intends to celebrate the day dedicated to it — precisely those “unique and unrepeatable” moments that only a smartphone is able to grasp because it is always available, as immediate, as in the hands of millions of people.

Anyone can attend the event, but Nokia has primarily involved the associated press pulling the ball photojournalists to give maximum prestige to the initiative.


Anyone can participate in person at International Mobile Photography Day by simply using any smartphone to capture your “Life Unexpected” picture — nothing more, nothing less than what we already do every day — and share with a hashtag #1020MobilePhotoDay on Sunday, October 20. The best images will be included in a video that will be available in the next few days at Nokia Conversation.

Today people realize their existence in a whole new way. They capture and save their memories with their family and friends through the magic of photos and videos, which makes the immortal moments of everyday life. Photography has become an integral part of our daily lives.

The celebration of 10/20 has begun. Let’s join #1020MobilePhotoDay.