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Apple quietly released the new Golden Master build of OS X Mavericks


Over the weekend, Apple quietly updated the OS X Mavericks Golden Master version for developers. This was done prior to announcing the details of the newest operating system such as its pricing and availability in their scheduled event in San Francisco.

Apple has done an update of Gold Master builds of its operating system before although rarely. Once an OS reaches a GM version, it is to signify that the software is almost ready for mass consumption. Apple doesn’t do changes or updates until the product is released. According to some reports the update was done to address some bugs discovered in the last-minute.

There are speculations in the technology sphere that what Apple may have done is just to fix problems that may cause first-run issues. Apple hasn’t commented about any issue with regard to the new OS X Mavericks but the manufacturer might just be smoothening some rough edges before it ships it out.

9to5mac reports that the build number has changed. The original seed was labeled as build 13A598 while the newer version that was quietly seeded to developers has 13A603.

The new Golden Master build isn’t downloadable from the developer portal of Mac nor available through software update. The new version is available for developers doing a clean install of the OS X Mavericks GM. Some have also reported that the refresh was done when they reinstalled the Mavericks GM over their 13A598 build.

There are no statements yet whether the update is just an error or will this be the version that will be rolled out to users.

The new Mac OS will roll out with the new MacBook Pro and Mac Pro in the near future. If it’s true then it’s unsure if Apple will delay the release of these hardware because they still need to re-install the newest Mavericks.

Apple announces the OS X Mavericks X during the WWDC 2013 in June. Tomorrow, during the expected release of the new iPad, most likely Apple will update consumers about the date of the release of the OS X Mavericks or even officially roll it out to end-users.

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