The Samsung Galaxy S4 is just hours away from being officially unveiled at the special event organized by Samsung at New York. The Samsung Galaxy S4, which will very soon become the new flagship device of the company replacing the Galaxy S3 (which has been one of the best smartphones in the mobile market) and most probably also become the new standard for smartphones.

Even though the Galaxy S4 will be announced in less than a day or two, rumors and leaks about the same keep on surfacing on the internet. Recently there were some images leaked on the internet which gave away the design and specs of the new Galaxy S4. Then there were the live photos of the so called dual SIM version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 for China Unicom. Now we have something even more interesting – a video!

We already have seen a lot of images connected with the Samsung Galaxy S4, and now we have a chance to watch a video which actually shows the next-gen smartphone. This video showcases what we consider is a prototype of the Samsung Galaxy S4. The design of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in this video is very similar to the Galaxy S3, whereas the images leaked by popular source evleaks showed a comparatively different design. The back panel seems to be made out of plastic and as rumored the smartphone seems to be very slim and light. Many of the specs and features shown in this video are identical or in some way similar to the ones mentioned in the rumors and leaks in the past few days.

The best part of this video is that it shows a Galaxy S4 with a removable back panel and hot swappable MicroSD card slot which ensures that Galaxy S4 will definitely support MicroSD cards up to 64 GB. The device also seems to have a 2600 mAh battery which would give a strong battery backup considering the various tweaks and tricks Samsung is going to use in order to preserve battery. The system info screen in the video also shows that this device runs on Android 4.2.1.

All this is definitely interesting, and the best part is we have to wait just for a day or two in order to find out how much of this information was true!