Punctual as usual, Apple released OS X Mavericks yesterday. The new Mac OS is not characterized by much of innovations; however, it ports over 200 new features bringing Maps and iBooks to the Mac. It introduces Finder Tabs and Tags, enhances multi-display support, and includes an all-new version of Safari.

The new intelligent way of GPU and RAM consumption increases the understanding of usage of each computer so that your MacBook Air even earns one more hour of battery life. The ability to adjust the GPU memory according to needs of running graphics is extremely interesting that leads OS X Mavericks to work with a minimum of 29 MB of VRAM.

OS X Mavericks is available for free.

In addition to the performance improvements, Mavericks borrows the look and feel – for few apps — directly from iOS 7 such as Maps, iBooks to read your eBooks directly from your Mac, the Notification Center also allows you to respond to messages directly, without necessarily opening the background apps. Safari also supports push notifications and subscriptions, as well as can also intelligently manages passwords, thanks to iCloud Keychain — a smart system to manage passwords on the Web, synchronized among your computer, cloud and the iDevices.

OS X Mavericks

Apple also added iCloud Keychain to iOS 7 and released an update – marked iOS 7.0.3 update — that brings all functionalities of iCloud Keychain to your compatible iDevices. The technology is designed to keep track of all passwords using 256-bit AES encryption on the cloud so as to sync them to any device safely. In addition, the new feature allows users to generate distinct random passwords and iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks will take care of those.

Besides, the iOS 7.0.3 update also addresses iMessage problems encountered in the last few days, as well as the wrong calibration of the accelerometer in the iPhone 5S, is that’s iPhone 5C. There’s also a small graphical update for iPhone 5S with a slight delay for the message “slide to unlock” if Touch ID is in use.

Finally, few minor improvements to Siri and accessibility options are also there. The update is now available via OTA and can also be downloaded via iTunes.

At the same time, Apple also revealed the iPhone 5S and 5C sales figures yesterday. According to the Cupertino, 9 million units were sold in the first weekend of availability and 64% of the devices are already updated to iOS 7 since the launch in September.