WhatsApp is getting better and better with each update on Windows Phone. Although, it may be behind in features compared to Android and iOS versions.

A new version of the app for Windows Phone made available yesterday that introduces new features and improvements. The cross-platform messaging client continues support for the Windows Phone OS – surprisingly WP7 – releasing frequent updates, although the majority of its users come from iOS and Android platform.

Unlike Skype, which has already abandoned on Windows Phone 7, WhatsApp continues to run smoothly on the old version of the OS. Even, the new release introduces the rotation lock (within the app) – an exclusive feature will be available on Windows Phone 8 Update 3 (GDR3) only. Additionally, WP7 users will also have an option to change the text size.

Other new features in WhatsApp 2.11.276 include the ability to pin chats on the Start screen and new options to forward messages. Besides, the update also improves support for voice messaging, a feature introduced in early August. Finally, it has added three new languages (Hungarian, Croatian and Lithuanian) and addresses some bugs.


In the same time, the app for Android has also received an update. There’s nothing new but the ability to change the phone number associated with your account has been added without uninstalling the app.

During the Nokia World on Tuesday, the CEO Jan Koum announced that WhatsApp now has 350 million active users per month. Over the past two months, the number of subscribers has increased by 50 million, with an average of 250,000 per day.

Want to experience new features in WhatsApp for Windows Phone? Download the app by going to the Windows Phone Store.