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Samsung Group patent filing details a device similar to Google Glass


Samsung is planning to introduce a smart pair of glasses, to enter in an argument reality sector with great potential, which is currently being grasped by Google Glass.

The very first rumors about such project circulated earlier this month, but today new leaked details are coming from a recently filed patent, by the South Korean manufacturer. Apparently, the device is designed for outdoor activities or sports.

The images posted below show a strong resemblance to the design owned by Google, but apparently, there will be a few features to distinguish the two products. In all probability, the device from Samsung will incorporate with the recently launched smartwatch, Galaxy Gear making it the most complete range of wearable technologies offered to the public. But, it’s not clear whether the device would be able to connect directly to the internet as well.

samsung gear glass prototype 1

“This design is of a type [of glasses] with earphones integrated, allowing [users] to take phone calls and listen to music during workouts,” according to a memo attached to several drawings of the device.

There will be two small earphones directly integrated on the chopsticks — a kind of in-ear headphones positioned exactly at ear height – in which, users can adjust to their liking. Therefore, the wearer will be able to listen music during the activities and answer incoming calls.

Presumably, there should be a microphone that will enable to interpret voice commands to offer hands-free control over the smartphone. However, the notifications and messages will be shown on the lens.

samsung gear glass prototype 2

Moreover, a USB connector is clearly seen in the drawings, which will connect the device to the smartphone for data exchange, but it doesn’t exclude the possibility that the final version can integrate a Bluetooth module to communicate between the two devices wirelessly.

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