Shocked! But that’s right. Steve Wozniak doesn’t like the new iPad Air introduced by Tim Cook because it comes with maximum 128GB of storage only, and he doesn’t have a broadband connection at home.

In fact, the former right hand of Steve Jobs wanted a tablet with a greater storage capacity. According to Woz, people are no longer interested in the shriveled version, and it was the right time to announce an iPad with 256GB of available space instead of reducing the thickness of the tablet.

“I was hoping for more storage,” Steve Wozniak said at the Apps World tech conference in London. He also quoted after watching the Cupertino Fall event’s keynote on Tuesday, the iPads “didn’t hit my needs… I don’t have broadband at home… so I was hoping Apple had a 256GB iPad.” And, he also confessed, “I emailed my wife and said I didn’t want one of those.”

Considering the second reason to wonder, Steve Wozniak, the man whose mind is behind the first Macintosh, the man who accompanied the first steps of “Think Different” with the genius Steve Jobs, doesn’t have a broadband connection at home.

Woz almost seemed to laugh while explaining why he doesn’t have speedy internet connection. As he said, “I can’t order a movie from iTunes and watch it straight away. I could wait for it but I get bored by then. It’s because of my lousy phone company, but that is life.”

Apart from these odd things, few questions are still remained unanswered. And, we don’t get it why Woz didn’t pick other different solutions because definitely it’s not money to fail him. Why didn’t he exploit mobile connectivity and surrendered to the Web so casually?

Well! Apple iPad Air is available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB, and Steve may find more space in a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 with maximum 512GB of storage, which also features a microSDXC card slot.