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Instagram bringing Multi-Account support to select iPhone and iPad users

Instagram seems to have introduced multiple account support for iPhones and iPads. The feature though is still in its testing phase while it’s only a small number of Instagram users who have been able to avail of this facility.

Among the installations where Instagram is supporting multiple accounts, users will be able to open additional accounts from the ‘Setting’ menu which should have a new ‘Add Account’ sub-menu. Switching between different accounts is also easy and can be accomplished with just a tab on the name displayed in the navigation bar.

Further, a suitable modification has also been introduced in the notification section as well. This way, the Likes and Comments has a new header so that users will know which of these are relevant for which account and so on.

Multiple account support has been a long standing demand from regular users of the popular photo-sharing app. So far, users having more than one account need to log out and log back in to access another account, unless they are using different devices. However, this makes for a cumbersome process, more so for those who need to constantly switch between accounts. For instance, those having different business accounts or have a personal account and business account to manage.

However, there is no word yet as to when multiple account support will be rolled out on a wider scale. It was in November last that Instagram had hit headlines with a similar feat for its Android app, that of introducing multiple account support though that too was on a limited scale.

It was also last November that Instagram had been in the news when one of its client apps was found stealing user’s login information, including their passwords. However, that was not before the app InstaAgent had gone for over half a million downloads. The app operated under the pretext that it allowed users to have information of all those who viewed their profiles.

It was not long after that InstaAgent got banned from both the Apple and Google app stores.

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