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Apple confirms new Mac Pro arriving in 2019


There finally is some movement on the long-delayed Mac Pro update with Apple sort of confirming its arriving in 2019. The company said there is a new ‘Pro Workflow Team’ that has been put in place and have been charged with the development of the new Mac Pro. The team is being headed by John Ternus, VP of Hardware Engineering.

Apple said they seriously mean business with its new Mac Pro and as part of developing the new generation platform, the company is eager to have a better understanding of what its Pro customers really want out of the new Mac Pro in the first place. And as part of this effort, the Cupertino giant is on a hiring spree, with big-name artists and technicians among its target list.

Further, with the aim to improve the overall user experience with the new Mac Pro, Apple said the new Pro Workflow Team will be looking into both the hardware and software aspects of the machine to ensure they meet the requirements of its core group of Pro users. That includes even optimizing third-party apps if so needed, said, Tom Bogar, senior Mac marketing director.

Apple, however, declined to comment as to what the new Mac Pro will be like or other details related to it. That includes no confirmation on the shape of the upcoming device even though it did confirm their priority will be on modularity when designing the new gen Mac Pro.


The current version was introduced back in 2013 and had made a splash with its unique trash can/bullet shape. Sure there were and still is wide-ranging comments for and against the said design though there is no denying the unique looks of it did make an impact.

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Earlier last year, Apple had stated they are keen on building a completely new Mac Pro. It will still be high on modularity but will be an entirely new hardware from the ground up. The company then had also stated they would be developing a new Pro display as well to go along with the new Mac Pro. There is no confirmation though if that still holds true.

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