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Apple iOS 12.1 bug allows users unauthorized access to the contact list, photos

It might have been just days that Apple had introduced the iOS 12.1 update though a few bugs have already come to the fore. Those bugs again have been found to be related to the lockscreen where unauthorized users can have access to the contact list, or as has been found in a separate instance, gain access to the photos as well.

In the latest instance, the bug has been found to provide unscrupulous users with access to the contact list bypassing the usual security mechanism. Not only that, but users were also able to start FaceTime calls as well, or even the group FaceTime feature too thereby revealing all the contact info without having to enter the passcode.

Fortunately, the exploit has been found to be specific to the latest iOS 12.1 update only. What that means is that those who are yet to upgrade to the latest update would do well to wait for a few more days before upgrading their handsets. Or those who might have already done the upgrade might consider downgrading the iPhones to a previous iOS version to reduce changes of their handsets being hacked.

This again isn’t the only lockscreen bug that has come to be associated with iOS 12.1 as a previous bug allowed unauthorized access to the photos section. Worse still, the users even had the ability to share the photos, which no doubt would make for a severe breach of the owner’s privacy. The good thing here though is that the bug has already been brought to the notice of Apple and the same have been plugged too.

However, what is common for both the bugs is that they would require anyone to have physical possession of the iPhones for the loopholes to be exploited. This makes the situation particularly critical for those who often leave their iPhones in public places, either out of habit or under compulsion.

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What is also interesting is that the latest bugs aren’t an isolated instance given the rather long instance of Apple bugs with the lockscreen. Let’s hope Apple mends its ways and releases an update after it has been thoroughly proofread.

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