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Sling TV to launch its Cloud DVR on Roku devices to rival PlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now

Dish’s Sling TV is all set to rival the likes of the PlayStation Vue and the newly launched AT&T’s DirecTV Now with a new cloud DVR service of its own. However, the service will be only available to current Roku users from next month only, that too on an invite-only basis for the time being.

Also, of course, there are a few goodies thrown in for good measure, prime amongst which is the ability to record shows and movies up to a max of 100 hours. That is not all as users will also be able to record multiple shows at the same time, which they can view later as per their convenience.

The above is no doubt aimed squarely at a similar service that PlayStation Vue offers, which also happens to among the biggest strong points of the Sony offering. However, while Sony allows the content to be kept up to 28 days at one go, Sling specifically mentioned users would be allowed to keep their recorded shows for longer periods.

The Cloud DVR will, however, be deleting the oldest ‘watched’ recorded content to make space for the latest shows when the space limit is exhausted. Sling also stated users would have the usual pause, rewind or fast-forward options to add to their viewing pleasure.

Sling TV will also be a free service during the Beta period with the 100 hours’ worth of cloud DVR storage being made available free of cost. However, there is no guarantee it won’t be charged in future. Or maybe users will be charged extra according to their storage space requirements.

Also while at the moment, users will need to have a Roku device to avail of the Sling free beta offer, Sling did mention their service will eventually be expanded to other platforms as well.

In any case, customers perhaps never had it this big. Even while Sling is rolling out its Cloud DVR service, AT&T has already rolled out a competing service named DirecTV Now. That is not all as Hulu has also stated they will also launch a streaming service by early 2017.

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  1. Sling TV sucks after battling with them over constant buffering I canceled to never buy it again ! It worked at 1st and then kept getting worse !

  2. Sling TV sucks after months of buffering and battling with them even being rudely blocked from posting comments on Sling I canceled now I have no more sling problems ! Good luck if you purchase it !

    • Sorry you had such a bad experience. I was going to try Sling, but I think I’ll skip it now and just stick with Hulu and Netflix. Neither have given me trouble. Good luck, Jerry!

  3. I’ve been a Sling TV customer for nearly two years. While it did start off pretty rocky the service has improved by leaps and bounds. I never have any buffering on the Roku 4 and Sling recently updated the Xbox One app. It finally works on par with the Roku app. I highly recommend Sling TV to anyone that asks.


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