Microsoft said it has added mouse and trackpad support to its Office suite of apps for the iPad device. That makes for the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps to now have the support and will make using the apps a lot easier than before.

Microsoft said the update forms part of what it prefers to call as the ‘fluent UI’ design theme that will form part of the Microsoft 365 family of apps. The update also makes the Office app for iPad to be on par with the app for PC and Mac devices.

As for the benefits that the update brings along, users will now be able to use the Apple Magic keyboard’s trackpad to move around the texts, photos, or another object within the Office apps for iPad. That is not all as the cursor too is going to be context-aware. That means the cursor will transform into the tool you are likely to need depending on the piece of text you are pointing to.

Apart from the new trackpad and mouse support, the Office for iPad update also introduces new start screens as well as a new ribbon that includes the feature menus. Microsoft said the update is currently live in the Apple App Store though it could be a few weeks before the same is available to all iPad users all over the world.