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He loves to share his thoughts via Internet. Associate writer at Inferse.com, his prime focus is to review latest cameras and smartphones. He is the official photographer at Inferse.

Nvidia’s Foray into AI-Driven Healthcare: A Comprehensive Overview

Explore Nvidia's ambitious integration of AI in healthcare, transforming drug discovery, patient care, and medical imaging with cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships.

Tennessee’s Groundbreaking Move Against AI in Music

Tennessee leads with the ELVIS Act, protecting music artists from AI misuse, setting a precedent for ethical technology use in the creative industry.

TacticAI: The Future of Football Tactics

Explore how TacticAI, an AI assistant for football tactics, revolutionizes strategy with predictive models and data analysis, developed in partnership with Liverpool FC experts.

Nvidia and AI: Transforming Healthcare and Nursing

Explore how Nvidia's AI advancements are set to transform healthcare and nursing, enhancing patient care and efficiency while navigating ethical considerations and the future of work in the profession.

Apple Set to Unveil Two New AirPods 4 Models This Fall

Apple is set to launch two new AirPods 4 models in Fall 2024, featuring design improvements, USB-C charging, and an affordable AirPods Lite version. Stay tuned for the latest in Apple's audio innovation.

Apple’s New CarPlay: The Future of Automotive Infotainment

In a bold move poised to redefine the automotive industry's approach to infotainment systems, Apple's latest version of CarPlay is set to launch in...

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