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She has spent the past eight years playing the role of an infrastructure consultant, and has now joined Inferse.com as a full time blogger. Her current profession is a result of her deep interest in computer gadgets, laptops, gaming accessories and other tech happenings.

Adobe and Microsoft Elevate Marketing with New Generative AI Capabilities

Explore how Adobe and Microsoft are revolutionizing marketing with new generative AI capabilities in Microsoft 365, enhancing creativity and insights.

The Reality of Emergent Abilities in Large Language Models: A Deep Dive

Explore the debate on emergent abilities in large language models (LLMs) like GPT-3, examining whether these capabilities are real or a mirage, and their implications for AI's future.

China’s Semiconductor Strategy: Navigating the Tech Cold War

Explore the dynamics of China's semiconductor strategy amid the US-China tech war, highlighting the implications for global technology and geopolitics.

Nvidia’s Leap Towards Human-Level AI in Robots

Nvidia's Eureka project pioneers human-level AI in robotics, significantly enhancing robot task execution with GPT-4 and generative AI. It outperforms human-designed rewards, indicating a major advancement in AI research and potential industry transformation.

Ubisoft’s Leap into AI-Powered NPCs: A Game Changer in Interactive Storytelling

Discover how Ubisoft is revolutionizing video game NPCs with AI-powered dialogue and interactions, enhancing storytelling and player immersion.

AI Market’s Promising Outlook: Insights from Goldman Sachs

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a forefront of innovation, drawing significant attention from investors, businesses, and...

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