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Gmail introduces package tracking feature ahead of holiday shopping season

The holiday season is just around the corner and Google has introduced a cool new Gmail feature aimed at keeping the user informed of when their holiday packages are arriving. The feature that is going to be available only in the US will allow users to see information such as when their packages are getting packed and shipped. They will have the tracking details delivered right to their inbox itself.

With orders that come with a specific tracking number, there is going to be a delivery status that will be displayed right within the inbox. The same info will also be shown in a summary card that will be shown on top of the emails. The feature will cover all major carriers operating in the US. This way, users will get to know when the packages are expected to be delivered or if there is a delay encountered, and so on.

The feature won’t be there by default though. Rather, there is going to be a pop-up shown that will let you select if you wish to see the order status in your inbox. Users will be able to opt-in to receive the tracking information via their Gmail inbox. This will enable Gmail to look for the latest order status with the tracking numbers and reflect the information thus retrieved.

There is going to be a green light shown that will indicate if the package has arrived. It is an opt-in feature, users can opt out of it via Gmail settings if they find the feature too intrusive. Google however said it is going to be a convenient feature that is designed to help people save time as they will be saved from searching for the latest order status themselves manually. So, with this feature, you should be better prepared to take on the holiday shopping rush with elan.

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