Microsoft has started sending out invites for the latest Windows 10 update for Xbox One to members of the Insider Preview program, announced Xbox Live’s director of programming Larry Hyrb aka Major Nelson on his official blog. Dubbed as the ‘New Xbox One Experience’, it will feature a completely redesigned dashboard, and the company says that gamers will be able to enjoy “the fastest and most social Xbox experience ever”, complimented with some great games that’ll be launched during the upcoming Holiday season.

The new update will be released to Insiders in waves over the course of the weekend. However, the update is ‘still a work in progress’, so Insiders should rather prepare for system hard resets as the preview has been causing issues with games, apps, and hardware. Popular titles like Destiny, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, Elder Scrolls along with Forza 6 have all been affected by the update with graphical, connection, performance and stability issues.

Meanwhile, the post further adds that the UI overhaul will be fully functional and offer speed along with quick navigation, though it’ll “undergo rigorous updating and polishing with the help of our Xbox One preview members.” Insiders who do opt for the new update will get see a slew of new features such as quick access to apps such as Friends and Notification, the Store along with improved Game Hubs. After this initial rollout, Microsoft will be continually updating the preview in the coming future, with a full public release expected sometime in November.

It’s worth pointing out that the update will also enable backward compatibility on the Xbox One, a feature that’ll certainly delight a majority of the console’s user base. For those of you interested, a full list of games already supporting backward compatibility can be found at the Xbox website.

Furthermore, the company also spoke about how it is working on to create a highly customized version of Windows 10 for the Xbox One console, called OneCore. The company believes it can capitalize on the momentum its latest Windows 10 OS for PCs and tablets has been able to gain and are planning to bring all that efficiency onto the Xbox One.


  1. The title of your article says “AVAILABLE NOW”, do you know someone who has this update? You seem to be making a lot of assumptions in your post with no proof of anything. You keep saying “it’s going to have this”, so it seems to be contradicting your title. I haven’t yet seen a mention of this new update by anyone, except Major Nelson. If people had it, they would be talking about it. And the waves are over the course of a weekend, it’s over the course of several weeks or even months (starting this weekend, supposedly)


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