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Microsoft Outlook service disrupted worldwide, recovery on track

Microsoft Outlook is down once again and has adversely affected operations worldwide. The Redmond based company confirmed the outage, which it said is due to a configuration change that it had recently introduced.

‘We’ve determined that a recent configuration update to components that route user requests was the cause of impact,’ Microsoft revealed in a service message on Twitter. The company also stated they have already reverted the update and that the recovery process has already started. There have also been reports of more regions now being able to load Outlook.com.

Microsoft had initially stated the outage was limited to only India though it quickly realized the affected group is far bigger than it initially estimated. Soon, there were reports of users from the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, and India not being able to access their emails via Outlook.

Microsoft said investigation are currently underway to determine the root cause of the issue. The company said they are investigating all the recent updates introduced and doing all that it feels right to set things back on track. Till then, users may have issues with various Exchange Online protocols which include ‘Outlook desktop, mobile devices as well as those dependent on REST functionality,’ the company stated.

It has just been days that the Microsoft Outlook was down earlier this week along with Office 365, Teams and a few other Microsoft services. Hope, they get their act right soon enough to prevent a repeat of the same all over again.

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