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The Mars Rover Perseverance Sets New Record On Distance Traveled On Mars

The Mars Rover is working amazingly in capturing the red planet. It is on a search to find life on Mars, and the self-driving mode of the Rover is working great, as declared by NASA.NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory reported that things are working well with the project, and they are hoping for good results.

The Mars Rover Set New Distance Record On The Planet

The mission has been active on Mars for more than one year, and on the other hand, it has set a new record for traveling distance on the red planet in a day. Previously the Rover had a record for traveling 702 feet (214 meters) on the planet in a day. But on the other hand, it recently traveled a distance of 806.3 feet (245.76 meters). The Rover traveled the distance on Feb 4.

According to a recent Tweet, the updates were provided

The tweet mentioned that After a month of exploring the red planet, it is on a move. The tweet also said thanks to my self-driving system, which has helped me to travel distances. It also gave us the information that the Mars rover can cover more ground, and on the other hand, the tweetDistance Record ends with places to go and rocks to see. The Rover has been traveling for a few weeks. It was dealing with a stone that stopped the Rover, and now it has successfully troubleshot the issue and has the samples accordingly.

According to the Jan 31 blog post, the science team who are linked with the perseverance rover are working hard to plan and design the Rover. They are trying to get to the western Delta. Deltas are the spots where water flowed initially, and hence it can be an important place for the research work. These places are unique spots of nutrition, and hence there are high chances that it could be a place that had early signs of life.

Using the Mastcam-Z and SuperCam instruments, scientists have been looking for Delta to get a better knowledge of the spot before the Rover gets to the place.

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