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Crypto laundering suspect goes viral after people discover her rap videos

Heather Morgan’s social media pages are becoming as much of a showcase as the alleged enterprise. People uncover her rap videos, and she becomes a crypto laundering suspect. The woman behind the Justice Department’s “biggest financial discovery ever” has piqued the internet’s interest — but not because she’s suspected of attempting to launder billions of dollars in stolen bitcoins, reports NBC News.

The Justice Department announced Tuesday that Heather Morgan with her spouse, Ilya Lichtenstein, was detained and charged with scheming to launder tens of billions in bitcoin seized during a 2016 cyberattack attacking the virtual crypto exchange Bitfinex.

People quickly discovered Morgan’s extensive web presence after hearing about her incarceration. Morgan has subsequently become famous for her huge social media presence, which includes rap music on Spotify and Youtube and as well as Forbes articles. Morgan’s internet presence has now become this much of a circus as the alleged enterprise.

Morgan As ‘Razzlekhan,’ A Rapper

According to court records, Lichtenstein and Morgan plotted to launder the earnings of 119,754 bitcoins stolen from the Bitfinex platform after a hacker entered the site’s infrastructure and launched over 2,000 unlawful transactions. One of her names, according to Justice Department records, was “Razzlekhan,” which she also was using on her social media websites, many of which she used to broadcast her music.

Her TikTok accounts look to be operational as well. Heatherreyhan and real razzlekhan, Morgan’s alleged TikTok accounts, appear to be operational. Morgan claimed of developing a “multimillion-dollar firm” at 23 years old with “zero external finance and no contacts” under the TikTok username heatherreyhan. After January 7, 2021, she ceased posting videos to the account.

Realrazzlekhan’s account seems to be more active. Morgan showed off her collections of “Razzle nails” in a video posted, which are layers of nail paint that have ripped off her manicures in the form of a fingernail. She said that she was putting them aside for an art installation.

Morgan described to herself in the “$pace Pimp” on TikTok, and she frequently uploaded a video of her shoes in conjunction with freestyle rap videos.

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