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Apple updates Health and HealthKit privacy policy

August 31, 2014 |

Apple told us at WWDC 2014 that it would introduce Health and HealthKit into iOS 8, so it’s on the way. At the same time, however, a number of issues surrounding these two new iOS apps and what they can … Read More

Google driverless cars will arrive in 2017

August 31, 2014 |

Google has great ambitions for its driverless cars, and the company believes that their vehicles will be on the streets by 2017. At the same time, however, driverless cars have their problems that their progress often blots out.

One major … Read More

Week in Review: Apple Inc. sends press invite for iPhone 6, iWatch release, 12.9-inch iPad

August 31, 2014 |

This week, we gathered more information about the iPhone 6, seeing that the time is getting closer to an iPhone unveil. Apple Inc. sent out a press invite with the words “Wish we could say more,” tempting Apple fans in … Read More

Moto X+1 to cost $249 and bear AT&T exclusive for MotoMaker

August 30, 2014 | 1

Motorola is up to trouble, once again – in a bad way.

As we’ve said with the Moto 360 smartwatch that we know will be priced at $249, Motorola’s remaining out of touch with its consumers regarding pricing. Now, however, … Read More

Alienware Area-51 PC gets redesign, Ultra HD video gaming experience

August 30, 2014 |

It’s been five years since Alienware brought its second-generation Area-51 game PC to market. The first and second-generation Area-51 game PCs maintained a tower shape, but Alienware has taken the redesign concept to a whole new level with its third-generation … Read More

Facebook old post keyword search feature takes on Google

August 30, 2014 |

Facebook and Google+ have been social media opponents in days gone by, but Google’s given up on Google+ since the company recently decided to invest its dollars elsewhere. At the same time, Facebook is still doing all it can to … Read More

Microsoft to end MSN Messenger on October 31, $2 credit for joining Skype

August 30, 2014 |

Microsoft has pushed forward with its cross-platform video chat and messaging app Skype, but traces of the old Windows Live Messenger (or MSN Messenger) still remained in China. As of today, however, even Chinese users will have to get with … Read More

Nokia HERE maps available for Samsung Galaxy smartphones

August 30, 2014 |

Samsung and Google reached a cross-licensing agreement earlier this year that some applauded because they believed it would stop Samsung’s ambitious advances. And some even applauded the Galaxy S5 this year because it didn’t have the “bloatware software” that some … Read More