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Windows 10 not being forced on Windows 7 users, claims Microsoft

With Microsoft going all out in their efforts to push uptake of Windows 10, users have complained about the software giant being too assertive in its efforts and have been accused of kicking off Windows 10 Upgrade on their PCs automatically.

Those at the receiving end of what can be considered excessive generosity on the part of Microsoft have taken to social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit to vent their ire. What has irked some Windows 7 users is that Windows 10 downloading started silently on their PCs while they were busy with something important.

This has not only left them confused and startled, some even reported of the upgradation process having made a mess of their files and folders. Some though stated they have had a smooth transition and are thoroughly enjoying the change.

Windows 10 Free Upgrade

Microsoft though denied the allegation of forcing Windows 10 Free Upgrade on existing Windows 7 users saying those affected might have unknowingly given the consent to upgrade on their PCs.

“We have updated the upgrade experience to make it easier for customers to schedule a time for their upgrade to take place. Customers continue to be fully in control of their devices, and can choose to not install the Windows 10 upgrade or remove the upgrade from Windows Update by changing the Windows Update settings,” a Microsoft spokesperson justified.

Microsoft further stated user might have agreed to the download to proceed unknowingly given the usual tendency to click on ‘OK’ button or such tabs that usually appear in a series of displays that usually precede before using any service online.

Although, Microsoft has done their bit to ensure more are tempted to jump onto the Windows 10 bandwagon. This includes marking the update status as ‘recommended’, which a notch higher than the ‘optional’ status it was previously accorded while being just a step below the highest ‘critical’ marking.

The change from optional to the recommended upgrade to Windows 10 means users of Windows 7, 8/8.1 who have set their devices to ‘install all recommended updates’ will have their devices upgraded to Windows 10 automatically.

In any case, users have a lot to benefit from having Windows 10 on their devices as it comes with all the latest safety and security bits built into it for a safe computing environment for both enterprise and personal usage.

There will be constant upgrades made available as well, as and when Microsoft deems fit both based on users feedback as well as in tune with the changing security paradigm prevalent in the computing industry.

Having most Windows 7 users upgraded to Windows 10 is also advantageous for Microsoft because it will save them from the legacy support issues that the Windows maker had to deal with Windows XP. Microsoft is keen to avoid the same with Windows 7 that many have tended to cling on to in spite of all efforts on the part of Microsoft to convince then of the added benefits that Windows 10 brings along.

Microsoft has withdrawn mainstream support for Windows 7 on January 13th, 2015; while the extended support for the version will cease on January 14th 2020.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has made it known who all qualify for free Windows 10 and till when the service will remain available.

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For instance, Windows 10 Free Upgrade is only applicable to those running Windows 7 (Home and Professional users running Service Pack 1) along with Windows 8 Home and Professional users running Windows 8.1.1 update.

Those who have been left out of the upgrade program include Windows 7 and Windows 8 Enterprise users, Windows RT, Windows Vista, Windows XP or those running pirated copies of Windows.

Further, the free upgrade program is available till July 29, beyond which Windows 10 Home will be charged $119 while Windows 10 Pro will cost $199.

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Microsoft also stated those who do not clear the above requirements are still eligible for the free upgrade if they agree to join the Insider Program and enroll being an early beta tester of all upgrades that Microsoft releases in the future.


  1. Microsofts actions with GWX.exe and on forcing feeding win10 updates just proves they cant be trusted with a forced/automatic update system – I choose my updates by hand for a reason

  2. I suggest Microsoft have got this wrong, on our domain connected Windows 8.1 we manually apply updates and have witnessed that among the list of updates that randomly the Upgrade to Windows 10 is checked when it should not be. Since we have experienced this ourselves we consider user complaints to be quite valid and understandable. In our case we check each update and when this “bug” appears we uncheck Windows 10 upgrade.

    I am concerned with Microsoft’s claim that the reports are false and it certainly sends alarm bells when it appears to be the customers that Microsoft expects feedback from as live testers.

  3. Microsins (Microsoft) lied. They did force everyone to Windows 10 without permission and thank god that this didn’t happen to my computer running Windows 7. I will still use Windows 7 until the OS dies and I will completely switch to Linux. Screw you Microsoft aka Microsins for lying!

  4. In my experience you have several steps to approve before Windows 10 actually begins the upgrade. So I agree with Microsoft that it just does not install. Unless of course you reserved it a while ago and never retracted that reserve. I think in general many users don’t realize what they are actually agreeing to. I do think Microsoft tries some trickery to get people to upgrade. I went back to Windows 7 with a clean OEM install from Windows 10. I thought Windows 10 was buggy, and did not work with some of my older games. When I installed Windows 7 I opted to not let recommended updates automatically install with Windows updates. That seems to have prevented GWX.exe and any kind of nag for Windows 10 upgrades. Hope it stays that way, but I do not trust Microsoft to respect my choice. They seem bent on installing Windows 10 by decree if need be.

  5. I’m an IT professional with over 20 years experience, and I’m a certified MCSE.

    I certainly did NOT select ok to upgrade, yet my laptop forced the upgrade on me (with automatic updates turned off.) And now my laptop is nearly useless with an endless reboot cycle of failed upgrades.

    Microsoft may ‘think’ they’re telling the truth, but the reality is that somewhere there is a bug.


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